Eligibility Requirement: 

1. Applicant must be a Miami-Dade County resident or a college student between the ages of 15 and 26 currently attending a Miami-Dade County school. 

2. The Application for Scholarship must be received by Federation prior to actual participation in the program. 

Objective Criteria: 

1. Completed Application 

2. Letter from applicant explaining any unusual circumstances 

3. Copy of tax statements 

4. Proof of acceptance into an approved program 

Approved Programs: 

1. Educational in nature 

2. At least 21 days in Israel; exception: college level programs 

How the Process works: 

1. The applicant must submit 

 Completed application 

 Most recent tax return 

 Acceptance letter from an approved program 

2. Applicant’s information is submitted to the scholarship committee for deliberation 

3. Applicant is notified of decision in writing 

4. Funds awarded are processed and sent directly to the appropriate programs 

5. Post trip follow-up/community service

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.